Lishin (Library) by Shian-gung Tsai
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
It's a chance to change the reading space in school of Taiwan, we decided to create a library without colorful images and icons. So, we tried to find the plywood instead of veneer. Wood frame book wall curves onto the ceiling, it looks like a the space is under a tree. Then, that’s what we hope, the students reading under trees, the pebble shelves are on the knowledge river, guide the students into the book world!
How the library fill into the space is a challenge for the school reading team(consisted of teachers). So, we tried to propose a separated space concept for school. First, to make sure the entry space ( collaborative classroom corridor) become a charming reading area welcoming students, so we use the wood framed shelves to create a book wall and pebble. Second, to connect the three classrooms with different functions. Third, to open the original teacher office into a reading corner.
Design Challenges
To design a school library in Taiwan, the most difficult challenge is to persuasive teachers. Taiwan's teachers like to see colors in the public space for children, so we have to overcome the comments during the design and after completed.
Production Technology
This project was consisted of arouca plywood frame, form the wall to the ceiling. It's not easy to shape the form of pebble rock shelves. We use the CNC cutting the plywood, and shipped to the library to set up.
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