Shang Ju (Hotel) by Lichen Ding
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
When we are in the midst of a busy urban business trip, we will inevitably be physically and mentally exhausted. If there is a place to calm down the soul, it will also be the escape of our exploration. Reveal the state of mind that hides the mind, and let the guests walk in the tranquility of the city.When designing, it is necessary to have space between functions and to make the vision transparent. Therefore, the designer adopted the layout of the Chinese courtyard, which perfectly combines
Do not pile up elements, so minimalism is an interpretation of Chinese traditional culture, more is the use of some of the techniques in ink painting. The composition of a painting, the arrangement of all objects and lines needs to be dense and dense, as is the architecture. There is a dense and dense way to break the stereotype, sluggish landscape image caused by the flat, uniform, and create a beautiful and rhythmic and flexible artistic effect.
Design Challenges
With very short timing, survey, design and construction happened at the same time. Efficient communication and mutual trust was the key to the success of the project.
Production Technology
Wood finishes, cloth, stainless steel wire,metal, stone
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