C Future City Experience Center (Experience Center) by Chung Cheng
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
Zhongzhou Shangsha is unique enough for the young Shenzhen, which was originally an ancient coastal fishing village. How can we design a city-in-village that accompanies the city's new life and its emerging from along the Zhongzhou Bay? What is the value that we have always relied on and will eventually recall on such land plots? We have kept on asking ourselves such questions again and again... Finally, we used the “marks from the fishing village” as a starting point for the design.
Although the Zhongzhou Shangsha Experience Hall is used as a sales office in the beginning stage and then the residential commercial facilities in the later period, it awaits the young people in Shenzhen to step into this multi-purpose refined space during its short-term existence. It is here that you will find that you are moving around within a small zone at the end of the day, but you can feel the ups and downs of exploration, the appreciative views, a short pondering stay and the fun of in
Design Challenges
The layout planning of a large-scale Experience Center is a challenge.
Production Technology
In the future, the new green plants will be inserted into the connecting corridors. A circular hole outlines the tree, making it a precious piece of nature among the artificial structures. Meanwhile, the green plants will bring in the interest and charm of communication for those space layers having different functions. The addition of pine, bamboo, stone, and water pools will increase the vitality and interest of continuous growth for the 3-story experience space and will once again respond to the oriental meaning of the entire design and the ownership of the area itself.
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