Binh (Coffee) by Ian Wallace
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Packaging Design Award Winner
Every day is a new beginning, a new experience, new colours, textures and smells. These holographic packaging designs are able to reflect the sky in its colours and textures. A new wonderful experience every day. Here is where Binh's coffee's new experience is truly born, in its magic sunrises and sunsets.
These original packs show thousands of colours in each different shape according to the angles in an original way. A coffee bag that changes its colours palette all the time, exactly as the sunrise and sunset in nature. Today you won't see the same colours you saw yesterday or that you may see tomorrow. A packaging that reflects in its colours the morning's generative sun and the warm sunsets. These designs brings a unique and emotive moment, a personal connection between soul and nature.
Design Challenges
The most challenging part of this project was how to capture and reflect all these daily changes in a pack of coffee? How to bring down the sky and hold it in your hands? The research to find or create something new, disruptive and creative that the people have never seen before. An holographic coffee bag.
Production Technology
These packaging designs have two different holographic foil bags. A rice paper texture was used for the label; a classic element from Vietnam, enhancing the concepts of local and natural. The illustrations and part of the text were developed in high relief and with a translucent varnish to highlight the detail and finesse of the product. In the bottom part of the packaging, a high relief of the Binh brand was used.
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