Cecilip (Facade) by Dante Luna
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Winner
In the conception of the new image of the clinic a facade that resembles the female silhouette is designed. In this way, a new front and commercial image of the clinic is achieved more striking, attractive and according to the service offered in the building. In addition to providing an awesome aesthetically, the singular envelope of organic forms protects the building thanks to the reflection of the solar rays and the ventilated chamber that separates from the structure.
The initial concept was that of creating an organic facade, a species of skin composed of sinuous curves inspired by the forms of the human body, which expressed the nature of the building and which at the same time reflected the personality of the client. The final design of the facade is an envelope created from a parametric model. The facade was made locally and is composed of more than three thousand profiles of stainless steel with mirror finish, each with two pieces cut CNC and armed with 3M structural tape, similar to those used in aviation, on a metal support structure.
Design Challenges
The biggest challenge was to build each piece of custom assembled in place and became the design concept a sculpture and emblematic piece of architecture in Dominican Republic. Among the obstacles we found on the way we weren't having the necessary technology to build the idea and also we are an island and the import prices are very high. The result was completely local, in the hands of the best specialists in the country. We were also able to do all the necessary essays, such as, light reflection, wind, seismic, humidity and climate analysis tests were performed to be built on the site.
Production Technology
Each module is composed of: composite aluminum panels (ACM) aluminum 0.5 mm plus polymer core plus aluminum 0.5 mm; 1 3/4 x 4 inch matt silver anodized aluminum rectangular profiles, cut into 4 inch sections; VBH 3M tape, used to join the structure with the cover sheet; 22 gauge stainless steel plates, used in the exterior coating. The innovation of using materials of easy access and high quality allowed to create a facade with a final result similar to other types of coating such as copper or zinc, which are much more expensive.
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