Feliz Villa Suite (Hospitality) by Norito Nakahara
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Winner
The concept of the design is of a presence that does not stand out, but rather blends with the natural environment by erasing the heaviness of non-natural building materials so guests can enjoy the magnificent nature of Irabujima.
The Villa was planned by raising the floor surface 1m to make sure that the sight line of the villa guests is not intersected by passing by people and can enjoy freely the sight of the sea and sunset.The entrance approach is a long slope illuminated from both sides by indirect lighting creating a design with a feel of expectation.
Design Challenges
The intention of the design is to incorporate the simplicity and purity of the natural building materials to in merge the guests of the villa into the nature of the Okinawa island Irabujima. Complimented by excellent landscape design and traditional patterns and colors the vila is an excellent retreat with Great panoramic view of the sea.
Production Technology
The whole building is covered by reclaimed walnut surrounded by large natural limestone that not only provide excellent privacy but melt the villa in the environment
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