Cascade (Faucets and Accesories) by Organización Corona
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Bathroom Furniture and Sanitary Ware Design Award Winner
Cascade refers to the natural flow of water. The cascade is the inspiring element, a place where water acquires strength and power. The water becomes a molder element instead of a moldable one, it goes from material to instrument, with its natural fall the water obtains energy, and through time, the ability to transform harder materials.
Historically, plastic has been used in cheap and low aesthetic quality products in the Latin American market. Cascade appeals to a superior design which elevates the current aesthetic and functional standards of the market with an affordable lead-free range of products. The faucet is composed of a robust appearance cantilever, raising the perception of the plastic as a solid and stronger material. The accessories are designed from a modular set-up principle and every product share the same base.
Design Challenges
Designing innovative and contemporary products in plastic brings several design considerations and challenges; providing the user with products that are easy and quick to assembly was one of the main daring objectives in the project, as well as an accurate case design for the injection molding technology, taking into account that chrome parts reflect imperfections more accurately than any other surface finish.
Production Technology
All faucets and accessories Cascade collection are manufactured with injection molding technology, the material used for the cases is ABS, and POM for the internal chassis containing functional parts. Faucets are assembled in Colombia with automated machines and highly skilled personnel. All faucets in the range comply with international standards, making them especially valuable in terms of water saving.
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