Kavics (Concrete Bench) by VPI Concrete Design & Manufacture
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Street Furniture Design Award Winner
With the design of KAVICS, our goal was to create an organic outdoor concrete object. The distinctive smooth spans and oval forms of organic shapes convey a positive emotional meaning, therefore one associates unity, femininity and harmony with them. The creation of these shapes, apart from their special aesthetic role, means handling form and function as one unit. By creating KAVICS, we constructed a novel object that shows softness in its appearance and breaks with the traditional robustness of concrete.
The uniqueness of this concrete piece of street furniture lies in its contradictions. It seems light and delicate despite its material. It looks somehow natural but also deeply urban. It appears to be a piece of art yet its shape can easily be the part of everyday life. All the contradictions might stem from its creation, which was in a way a traditional, however also an extremely modern process.
Design Challenges
How to create an organic, seemingly soft and airy object out of concrete? This challenge appeared throughout the design process of KAVICS's shape and in the technological research of its material as well.
Production Technology
KAVICS is actually a massive, concrete product casted from a mould, which was manufactured through 30 different sculptural shape studies, followed by a 3D scanning and CNC cutting process. It is the result of a long-term cooperation between sculptors, designers and concrete professionals. Just like all our products it was manufactured from our own, self developed concrete mixture with a combination of the latest 3D modelling technology and the traditional craftsmanship enhancing it, making a balanced cooperation between digital technology and human touch.
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