Competition (Artwork) by Wooseok Kim
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Arts, Crafts and Ready-Made Design Award Winner
I love cute animals. In my works, great burdens are put onto the animals intentionally, but they still keep moving forward. In real life, we all have different responsibilities to carry, heavy and cumbersome, but the meaning of life is to chase a beautiful future even though we are bearing burdens! This is the belief I want to express. My animals strode forward, as if to proclaim to people: to live and to thrive.
All the works are hand - kneaded with Chinese porcelain, which makes the shape of each work unique. At the same time, Raku is used, making the color of each piece of work impossible to copy. It improves the value of work and also gives them more practicability.
Design Challenges
Modern ceramic design, the need to recognize the wisdom, not simple modeling, and practicality, eating habits, etc. After our research and efforts, the final success.
Production Technology
RaKu's glaze configuration and calcination craft, skilled craftsmanship, Chinese porcelain clay.All of my works are all hand-kneaded from Chinese porcelain, which makes each piece unique in shape. At the same time, I use RaKu, making the coloring of each piece impossible to copy.
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