1001 Wine (Packaging) by Omdesign Comunicação e Marketing
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Packaging Design Award Winner
This special edition of Quinta Maria Izabel transposed to a labeling an accurate reproduction of a painting representing the landscape of this emblematic estate in the Douro Valley. Offered by a close friend, this project was a reward of this pleasant gesture. Sharing a bottle of wine is also a synonym for friendship. This wine has this particular name because there were made precisely 1001 bottles of Quinta Maria Izabel Grande Reserva wine. Nothing more, nothing less.
The painting showing the shapes of the Douro Valley using contrast, textures and reliefs, enhances the important meaning of the Douro river through the colour associated with passion, wisdom, magic and grandeur. The special painting that Quinta Maria Izabel keeps in their estate was perfectly transposed to the labeling, with all of its special details, as well as the magnificent and premium aspect that it conveys.
Design Challenges
The main goal was to frame the painting in the middle of the labeling, with all of its texture, squareness, brightness and deepness, without losing the sublime touch of the original piece of art.
Production Technology
In order to reproduce the painting in the middle of the labelling, with all of its texture, squareness, brightness and deepness, there were used a background fine paper with 3 different layers, to accurately mirror the painting and its components, namely the shapes and frame.
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