Manshausen2 (Resort) by Snorre Stinessen
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Winner
The positioning in the space of the surrounding landscape have inspired both the original cabins and also the new cabins and the sauna. The cabins are to some extent variations over a theme, but still strikingly different to reflect these conditions. The new cabins you enter from the rear via the stony edge of the island and up and above the sea and they are exposed to an extreme climate. The sauna sits in the saltwater pond, a quiet place, but still in the same majestic surroundings.
Manshausen 2.0 is an extension to the Manshausen Island Resort. The extension includes 3 cabins at the north end of the island and sauna over a seawater pond. Both the original and new cabins enjoy a dramatic connection to landscape and seaview, but while the original ones rest on existing stone quays the new are positioned partly out in the sea, which is provides a very different ambience. The sauna is positioned centrally in a seawater pond and is made from left-over materials in the project.
Design Challenges
The most challenging part is the positioning out and above the sea. First of all climatic and exposure to seaspray and even potentially waves in very extreme cases, but certainly also in respect of translating the story of transition from access on-shore to entering the cabin and stepping out over the sea. Also the setting in relation to the surrounding landscape.
Production Technology
Cabins: Prefabricated CLT construction, aluminium sheet exterior cladding and custom glass constructions. Custom designed interiors in birch and corian. Sauna: All built from left over materials from first stage of construction: Traditional on-site wood construction, CLT exterior panels, slate roof tiles from the old barn, extra glass from the main house renovation.
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