Sg Design (Office) by Yinqiu Xie
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
In terms of functional layout, the designer advocate openness and changeability, which can be reflected in the design of multi-functional conference hall. The long tables, lamps, cabinets, etc., are almost custom-made to allow soft fitting into the building space itself.
This case is designed for the office of the design company. Minimalist and white space is full of fun. In this case, it only uses spatial angles and lighting, and the rest is almost endless white. The designer designs the space with architectural language and the way of light, shade, and line. A white wall that enters place and corridor area, can give a person with sharp concise feeling.
Design Challenges
In the design of this project, the designer needs to improve the degree of refinement between the elevated floor and the wall of latex paint, and achieve the modern minimalist style of seeing lights without lamp.
Production Technology
In the aisle, there are constantly changing wall relationships. Natural light is introduced through the way of wall grooving and electrified atomized glass, and some unavoidable areas use high-end imported small-size spotlights, gypsum lamps or concealed lamps to weaken artificial light sources. Thus achieve the modern minimalist style of seeing lights without lamp.
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