Charlotte (Shop) by Tiao Ouyang
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
With the gradual maturity of popular aesthetics and the innovation of human, the modern avant-garde style has become the first choice of commercial space design. The irregular space architecture, bold contrasting colors, and the rigid and flexible material combination, these all let people find a surreal balance in the cold.
Charlotte by PA Patisserie is located in a neighbouring street location. Through exploring and expressing the sense of geometric modeling architecture and minimalism aesthetics, the designer transform the interesting thinking into indoor and outdoor furniture combination scenes. Without deliberately creating a sense of European-style thick, nor simply pursuing a low-key high-cold, the suitable French dessert shop came into being.
Design Challenges
Besides use new material and craft practice, the indoor space form that pursues individual character and structure characteristic also is an innovation of this case. The stereo geometry modelling of the wall and ceiling in the store, come from the understanding of the designer to dessert form, breaking horizontal even vertical regular pattern, emphasizing the modelling feeling of the building, and pursuing individual character and human feeling.
Production Technology
The smooth terrazzo counter can reflect the display in the shop. The bar on the other side uses the architectural interspersed technique, and embellish the bright leaping color, producing a different visual effect. The compact design of tables and chairs greatly saves the space in the shop, accompanied by strange lamps and lanterns, injecting the right aesthetic interest in a calm and restrained context.
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