Sumu Series (Cutlery) by Mitsunori Yamase
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Bakeware, Tableware, Drinkware and Cookware Design Award Winner
We have formulated a manufacturing technology over 10 years of R&D to realize the production of artefacts such as cutleries using zirconia. The allergen-free zirconia cutlery provides a better alternative for people with metallic allergies in the selection of cutlery they use. The cutlery with smooth, shall replace the cold glitter of metal cutleries in the table setting and bring serenity to the dining scene.
It is a cutlery series made of zirconia. They do not interfere with the flavours of dishes as absolutely no metallic ions are released. Consequently, they never become the cause of metallic allergies. You can focus on your sense of taste as the thin, silky finish of the zirconia tip makes it easy to take hold of the food with exceptionally smooth feeling in and out of the mouth. The matte zirconia cutleries softly reflecting atmospheric lighting shall bring serenity to the dining scene.
Design Challenges
Improving productivity was the challenge. In advance to this project, we had won Good Design Award Japan 2017 for Zirconia Soup Spoon. But that became only a luxury due to the low productivity caused by the complicated processing as measures for extreme hardness, brittleness and size limitation of Zirconia. For SUMU project, we utilized more power of the aesthetic design and developed suitable technology for that design. It can be seen at the white eye nail for assembling the head and the handle.
Production Technology
The material used is Stabilized Zirconia, which is composed of two different kinds of crystals. One features durability, and the other flexibility like metals. It pliantly changes its shape by external forces. It is formed by the injection molding technology and sintered at a high temperature of approximately 1,400 deg.C. Being similar to bone china, there is no dissolution of metal ions at all. Consequently, it does not cause any allergy.
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