Grades Dont Matter (Mobile Application) by Anil Reddy
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Mobile Technologies, Applications and Software Design Award Winner
In India, there are over 2000 career alternatives that do not require a degree but are high in demand and pays better compared to traditional degrees. The app aims to inspire and encourage creativity and instill a sense that every skill matter. Grades Don’t Matter is not a master class, it focuses on learning the basics from the pros and making a sound career decision. It also aims to change the parent’s perception of new career options by providing a cost-benefit analysis.
Grades Dont Matter is an alternative education platform and is conceptualized with an aim to bridge the gap between degrees and skills. The app provides an in-depth learning from the legends themselves for 30 odd careers and is divided into a three-phased approach for ease of learning. The app also considers short attention span of youth and hence, fast-paced lessons have been designed with only 3 -5 minutes of videos and a module can be completed within 45 minutes.
Design Challenges
The main challenge was to craft a course that would fit the short attention span of the youth. Second, was to craft an engaging platform that could break-through the existing clutter in the education domain. Research helped us gauge that youth were looking to learn the practical fundamentals in the domain that would help them land a job. Hence, the app combined these requirements and serve as a one-stop solution. While it also breaks the traditional stereotype of Indian parents and helps them understand the earning capabilities of these contemporary careers.
Production Technology
Grades Dont Matter posed extreme challenges as the app required creative team and crafting of the modules strategically. We used ADHD specialist for crafting modules and for the design we used photoshop, illustrator, sketch, and invision. For video production, voice artists, adobe premiere pro and filmmaking software’s were used.
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