Fdtc Compact (Air Conditioning Cassette) by Manpreet Budwhal
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Engineering and Technical Design Award Winner
To enhance the product offering from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries in both commercial and residential sectors using latest technologies as well as a new unique design for the market. Over the last few years there was no real change to the compact cassete market for many years - This unit has defined the change and shown the innovative steps Mitsubishi Heavy Industries have taken to comply with change; design and efficiency. New unique design offers draft free efficiency to the market.
The attractive FDTC compact cassette model was created to meet the demanding expectations of the European air conditioning market. Its gently curved design, offers highly efficient cooling and heating. The newly designed model offers lower running costs and energy expenditure, combined with advanced engineering and new design features. It's new draft prevention panel provides increased comfort with improved noise reduction, creating an ideal environment for it's user.
Design Challenges
The main challenge we faced was to combine the complex folding mechanism of the Air Flex louvers and the modular interchangeable corner elements into a slim and elegant panel. Finding an attractive design for the grill which allowed for the desired level of air flow was also a significant challenge.
Production Technology
The Panel is produced using injection moulding technology and white plastic. During the process we worked with quickly handcrafted mock-ups to evaluate and refine the design. In a later phase of the project CAD-Data was used to make an accurate 3D print for functional testing.
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