Buoy Health (Logo and Visual System) by Sam Ayling
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Graphics and Visual Communication Design Award Winner
Buoy Health needed a fresh, humanistic visual system. We pulled inspiration from various artists that used a continuous line technique to give the illustrations a clean and playful gestural quality. Each illustration in the system had its own special twist.
The healthcare industry wasn’t keeping pace with technological change. Buoy, an AI-assisted symptom-checker, changed that with their free, easy-to-use app. It not only identified with 97% accuracy what was making you sick, but it recommended what to do next and where to go for help. The real challenge was in changing consumer behavior and mindsets regarding online medical support.
Design Challenges
There were some initial challengers with the logo design. At the time Buoy was a small start up with very little knowledge of how to create a well crafted brand and visual system. Many of the core team were engineers so tended to have a very technical mindset. At times it was challenging to show the creative without walking them through a very long winded discovery phase. We quickly realized they needed a little nurturing too help them better understood the creative process. Bringing them into the creative phase of work at and early stage really helped and made them feel part of the team.
Production Technology
Everything about the brand needed to feel not just human, but super-human. The brand captured the founders’ deep sense of purpose to change the trajectory of human health, while the voice sounded like your neighborhood doctor. We designed a visual identity ripe with rounded, human forms and free-flowing lines that carried the user along the journey to health.
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