N01 (Race Car) by Fernando Pastre Fertonani
2018 - 2019, Silver A' Futuristic Design Award Winner
Cars have remained quiet the same for years. Its architecture is developed considering, mainly, the human figure. The human figure is an important factor on races. High speed collisions can be lethal. The human body has limits and so races are limited by the human factor. So what if we remove the human from the car? Cars would be able to go faster and faster. There would be freedom for innovation in car architecture and changes in the status quo. The only limit will be the machine limit.
N.01 is a concept designed that can be developed for autonomous race or remote piloting. Created as a vision for the future of the race cars, its iconic form is somehow aggressive and minimalistic at once. The fact that this vehicle lacks a pilot provided the freedom to play with shapes and the automotive architecture. Marked by an extremely low profile, its in-wheel electric motors enhance this slim aesthetic without compromising power.
Design Challenges
The main challenge of this design was to consider a totally new car segment and architecture. No pilot is needed, no room for pilot must be consider, the traditional architecture of cars is completely changed. It is almost like a blank paper to be filled. The upcoming challenges are the engineering part further development and to build the 1st prototype.
Production Technology
Simple architecture, possible due to electric and autonomous technologies. Carbon fiber body that covers the mechanics, in a clean and essencial way, like a blanket covering an object, it has rational shapes that emphasize what is underneath.
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