External Video Unit (2 Wire Ip Outdoor Unit) by Arne Desmet
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Security and Surveillance Products Design Award Winner
One of the main inspirational sources was architectural lighting. The aim was to come up with a design that is unobtrusive and fits seamlessly with the environment. Instead of opting for the traditional metallic housing, we opted for a monochromatic black enclosure. In this way typically obtrusive elements such as camera lens and speaker grill blend better with the rest of the product, creating a monolithic volume.
The Niko 2-wire IP outdoor station is part of the new Niko stand-alone access system. The outdoor station connects to an indoor touchscreen and a mobile app, which allows you to answer calls even when you’re not at home. With its clean, uncluttered design, the unit integrates seamlessly into any facade. Besides the name label and the bell button, all distracting elements are moved away from the front side of the unit, resulting in a minimalistic design.
Design Challenges
One of the key objectives for this design was to keep the profile of the device as slim as possible. Since the unit is mounted on top of the wall and not in the wall, all of the electronic and housing components needed to be made as compact as possible. The second objective was to keep the design of the product as clean as possible. That's why distracting elements such as the speaker grille were moved out of sight. Users also have the option to use the engraving name label (standard included with the product), which fits seamlessly with the rest of the design and creates a clean look.
Production Technology
The device enclosure is made of casted aluminium finished with a powder coat paint. Pushbutton and name labels are made in a PMMA material, in order to be light translucent.
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