Summit Condo (Sales Center) by Bo Yu
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Winner
Setting aside any specific design concept or style, the design is developed by its internal main functions to emerge the building, landscape and interior together and talk to each other. The spatial interfaces of this project are continuous, being one body from outdoor to indoor. Through a reasonable layout of spatial functions, a combination of interior and architectural design, a white space and a finishing touch of the landscape, altogether create a unique urban architectural texture and a complete urban architectural image, form a unique venue experience model, and finally bring the building to the space, bring the space to the city, and bring the city to the public.
We redesigned and reorganized the building and the spatial streamline. Through a combination between virtually and reality, a spatial transformation is carried out, which enables a free switch between “open” and “private” spaces, facilitates the interaction between people and natural space, and meanwhile maintains a sense of privacy.
Design Challenges
Bo Yu did not encounter any design challenges while designing the award winning Summit Condo Sales Center.
Production Technology
One piece of glass weighs 2 tons. The large size of the materials strengthens the integrity of the building surface and enhances the spatial flatness. The use of ultra-clear glass not only ensures the purity of the color, but also reduces the glass self-explosion rate. The aluminum ceiling is inserted with 20*20 aluminum decorative profiles, which increase more details and better finishing; meanwhile, the aluminum profiles can also have a certain visual elimination effect on the flatness of the aluminum plate ceiling. The project uses 450 tons of starry gray stone in total. The stones are polished to matte finish, and processed with a 90-degree angle of chamfering, which controls the collapse of the stone.
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