Forest Park (Sales Center) by Guo Jie
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
The forest is an art museum without walls. The designer has drawn inspirations from the forest and interpreted the typical forest elements in an artistic way. In addition, forest experience is added to the space by largely employing wooden materials in facing and soft furnishings, which allows people to experience nature indoors.
The interior design has followed the natural architectural style, integrating interior space with natural environment. A modern and natural sales center was eventually created, looking like a wooden house growing and breathing in the forest.
Design Challenges
To insist on the belief of designing a more beautiful world, In the view of designers, space design is more than simple interior decoration. It is the process to return to nature and create modern and creative spaces with unique design ideas and innovative design skills. Here in Chongqing Forest Park, the designers have fulfilled their dream, making humans a joyful part of nature.
Production Technology
Flexible floor plan and space design, interlaced blocks and pure color create an open and elegant interior space. In the front lobby, hanging on the wall is a wood carving work clearly showing the veins of a leaf, which dialogues with the chandelier in wooden structure. Upon entering, one will feel the natural atmosphere of the space.
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