The Begginning (Book Suit) by Lia González
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Graphics and Visual Communication Design Award Winner
The modular system was applied to "The Costume Codex" of the XVI century for the exhibition "Pretextos Textiles" exposed in the Spanish National Library. Four clothes were redesigned and adapted to -the grid system- to create four book-suits. On the one hand it explained the redesign of the Codex and on the other hand became the redesign of the same suit. The project was inspired by a Codex because it has an incalculable value and is thought to be the first fashion catalog.
The reticle is a system that generates modular books with a double reading. Every form applied to a modular grid allows us to generate books that are first read in a linear way and then unfold generating the form. The Begginning consists of a folding book submitted to a modular grid that parody based on the evolutionary process of the Big Bang the origin of a new universe. The Begginning is a continuation of the Modular Readings project (exhibited at the Spanish National Library and finalist in the Accent G awards) that studies the formation of book-suits. When you open the book you will find a bird suit (head and body) with human proportions. The project has been awarded by VEGAP and selected in the Young Talents Competition of Spain.
Design Challenges
The most complicated part was to find a system that would close a suit in a book that could be read. Find a perfect grid that worked and adapt forms to it. At the same time it was also complex that this book had human forms and that the interior and exterior graphics combined. The book has 50 sheets and many combinations. Bringing this product to reality isn´t easy because of the dimensions but it was found an ideal way to do and produce it with a very economical way.
Production Technology
1- A modular grid is generated. (20 x 20 cm each module) 2- A pattern adapts to the grid. 3- The modular book is generated. 4- It folds into a module 20 x 20 cm. 5- Design the interior and exterior of the suit-book. ** Made in satin cardboard with golden ink.
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