Values in Action (Experience Centre) by Ram Joshi
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
Values lie at the heart of organizational culture and enable the alignment of vision with everyday actions of its people. We identified communication of the brand and its values as the core driver of design for this project. Eschewing brand communication via environmental graphics, we chose to be inspired by the construction of the brand logo itself and incorporated this into the design of the space itself.
The project brief consists of two distinct functions, a Training Academy and a Brand Experience Centre. A series of movable colored glass panels mimic the overlaid transparency of the client’s logo. Functionally the panels can be used to subdivide the space to create different space settings. Symbolically the panels serve as a manifestation of the brand values which the users can physically interact with and change the space itself.
Design Challenges
Primary creative challenge was to provide a physical embodiment to the brand which was not merely a visual design element, but something the users could interact with to change the space itself. This was achieved envisioning the Sliding glass panels as a physical manifestation of the brand.
Production Technology
The main technical challenge was to execute the embossed text feature wall. Multiple mocks ups, starting from computer-simulated 3D blocks, paper models and full-scale alphabet mocks were created to identify the nodes for the text. The final product was built with multiple layers of CNC cut MDF tiles which were finished with a simple coat of eggshell finish emulsion paint.
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