Science Is O2 (Student Workbook) by JAEHUN KIM
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Graphics and Visual Communication Design Award Winner
The front and back cover, in terms of visual design, prompts students to experience fun and intriguing science, which is what O2, our brand for science study books, aims for. Focusing on brand identity O2 is Science, they actively use scientific actual images and avoid unnecessary visual factors so that they can study science with vivid visual data. By using simple fonts and graphics as a whole, they have expressed mysterious science in high quality.
The most representative book among O2 series is the workbook for students. The cover design makes students feel as if they experience fun and intriguing science through the book. Using Korean consonant letters, the signature of O2 is placed at the same location on the covers of the series, which shows brand identity in a clear and consistent way. The signature and colors of the brand are also used in brand goods.
Design Challenges
O2 has experienced lots of trials and errors to establish its visual identity, which covers from elementary through high school, and the cover shows a commanding presence, visualizing its brand essence 'Excellence' of O2. Various processing methods also contributed to what O2 looks like.
Production Technology
The cover, with the book closed, only shows a partial image of science. When it opens, however, it reveals the whole meaning of a specific scientific phenomena that leads to catching a hint of complete understanding. In addition, the Lencell technique on the cover is in harmony with the scientific images. Foil and embossing printing is used on this workbook at a reasonable price.
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