Touch (Ring) by yumiko yoshikawa
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Jewelry, Eyewear and Watch Design Award Winner
Touch conveys rich emotion with a simple gesture. My goal is to create stylish, elegant and genuine jewelry that bring love, friendship, care and respect to the owner. I was motivated by the challenge of creating a design to express this warm and formless feeling with cold and solid metal. The Touch ring is a jewelry to be treasured.
2 curves are joined to form a ring that suggests 2 people holding hands. The design expresses a connection between people, a creation with cooperation and a celebration of individuality. The ring changes its aspect when its position is rotated on the finger and viewed from different angles. When the connected parts are positioned between your fingers, the ring appears either yellow or white. When the connected parts are positioned on the finger, you can enjoy both yellow and white color together.
Design Challenges
2 curves are attached end to end and 5 facets are applied on the 4 ends of the 2 curves for wearability and design accent. There are 3 main manufacturing challenges; (1) the size of facets is small about 0.6 mm x 2.5 mm ~ 1.2 mm x 1.2 mm and each facet needs to be hand polished carefully to maintain the shape; (2) the total number of facets are 20 and each facet is polished 2 times before and after soldering; (3) to size the ring, 2 metals are cut, bent and soldered at 2 ends. All tasks are accomplished for each ring while maintaining high craftmanship for the customer and respect for the design concept.
Production Technology
Multiple silver square curves and rings were made by hand to find the best dimensions for the design. Selected width and thickness were drawn in CAD, 3D printed in wax and casted to produce a master sample silver model and a mold. An 18K gold curve and a platinum curve are casted from the mold, and then cut, and bent, and finally soldered together by hand to create a specific ring size. Unlike a standard ring with no end, this ring has 4 ends. 5 facets are added to each end as a design accent and for wearability. These small 20 facets (2x2x5) are meticulously hand polished before and after soldering.
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