Orange Mood (Digital Ad) by Julia Wagner
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Computer Graphics and 3D Model Design Award Winner
Based on psycho-physiological influence of colors I decided that dominating color of interior will be orange because it has healing effect on human. It helps to produce endorphins , is associated on subconscious level as energy, happiness, joy, helps to get out of depression and fills with inner strength. To integrate orange colors into interior while holding in mind the main goal I chose the orange fruits by association method.
This interior was created to promote new furniture collections of different brands distributed by Raumbild GmbH. My goal was to create interior for living room full of joy, cheerfulness, life-energy, happiness, courage, positivism enhanced with surrealistic elements that would not be possible to create in actual photo-studio. Both the new collection of furniture and accessories of given brands and budget was taken in to account.
Design Challenges
The main challenge was the distance in communication with CG Artist and also converting the concept into 3D, in particular, the luminosity from the open door and the feel of motion of the orange fruits. Only after multiple corrections I was able to overcome this challenge and also thanks to great work of CG Artist. In the beginning of the project the concept wouldn't come through but because of hard work we finally achieved the desired goal.
Production Technology
After final analysis of new furniture collections from the client I used Photoshop to create style and color combinations for selected items and also ArhiCad to create full interior to the smallest detail and prepare complete technical task for CG artist who would take the project to Cinema 4D to complete it. I made corrections in 3D scene to maintain the original concept of the project. I used Photoshop for final post-production.
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