Brother Fortune Center (Sales) by David Chang
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
The aristocratic spirit of the upper class in Europe, chivalry, was developed into the so called, spirit of gentlemen, in western European nations. In order to promote such virtue and personality that were built on a sense of superiority for the personal identity, the overall space is designed in European classical style, implicitly embodies the typical elegance of the nobility which has been passed down from generation to generation since the middle ages. The space uses a multitude of neutral colors, which are gentle and soft, to manifest the idealized worship of God of Glory that brings harmony, peace and comfort.
The overall tone is based on natural colors in which off-white is used as the base color for the clear and clean space while pink and blue characterize living rooms with different identities and atmospheres. Together with vivid and varied ornament details instill sense of exploration and originality, referencing the local Mongolian culture as the jewel in the crown, highlighting the local characteristics, rendering the space both intimacy and quality.
Design Challenges
In the initial stage of the project, many adjustments have been made. The initial empty area of the ring stairs is small and the number of stories is small. In order to increase the sense of momentum, we propose to change the two-story empty stairs into three-story empty stairs, and expand one axis around the axis of the opening of the ring stairs, and change five axes into six axes, thus achieving a better spatial effect. Reception area and water scenic area are separated from independent space and integrated into sand table area, thus becoming a whole space, so that the space is transparent and open, and the function is coherent.
Production Technology
In order to build a sense of vastness and strength, the European decorative lines are abstracted and simplified, the vertical walls and simple entrance lines are rigid and strong, outlining the tall skeleton of the building, similar to the re-emergence of the empire's strength and glory. In addition, in the selection of materials, the use of rice yellow stone, limestone stone, shells, copper, leather and other alternative, rich and heavy texture, as if to spread out a battle for honor in the sand flying gold painting scroll.
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