Taetea (Tea Experience and Retail) by Jie Liu
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
This designer believes that tea is not only a culture, but also a fashionable drink. Therefore, in spite of the production and promotion of Chinese tea drinks, the store design of TAETEA does not use the popular design element of "Oriental Artistic Conception", but instead uses more diverse design language to transform abstract artistic expression into perceptible spatial language and to increase benefits for commercial operation.
In the design of this project, the designer subverts many traditional things. The first is to simplify the elements and design the installation art in space. The second is to make a material change. The whole space is not only a simple artistic expression, but also a solution to the limitations of the original space. It is not necessary to taste tea in an antique environment.
Design Challenges
It is a specific space based on oriental life and customs. Therefore, how to break through the definition of traditional space on the basis of traditional culture is a question we should consider.
Production Technology
In order to fully show the brand culture of TAETEA, the designer combines stainless steel materials with wood products, and chooses red as the main color of the space.
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