Cafe La Rosee (Casual Dining) by David Chang
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Hospitality, Recreation, Travel and Tourism Design Award Winner
La Rosee means the morning dew on the plant in the deep forest in French. Morning dew is metaphorically the forever youth everywhere in the world. The inspiration of this casual dining comes from the sense of romance by the morning dew at dawn covering on the trees in a suburban area in France. Every little detail of interior decoration creates this charming scene for you. Walking under the woods, looking up at the shy crystal dew dropping from the leaves, the sunshine reflecting the sense of warmth through the water droplets.
Flo Group is the leader of French catering industry. It has more than 200 restaurants worldwide. Beijing Flo Restaurant belongs to the French FLO Group catering group. The project is located in Dayue City, Xidan, Beijing, which is a business center integrating fashion, shopping, leisure, entertainment, tourism, culture and catering. Consumer groups are mostly young people, with a larger flow of people and faster mobility. The restaurant is located in the overhead courtyard on the sixth floor of the shopping mall, which is surrounded by public transport space on three sides and is close to the main traffic corridor of the shopping mall.
Design Challenges
In order to cater to the brand La Rosee, the artistic crystal lamp of the restaurant has chosen the water droplet type. The installation time of the water droplet lamp on site, the height of the suspension line of each water droplet, the angle of view and the shape of each water droplet have been deliberately adjusted many times. In addition, due to the low requirements of ceiling in the original shopping mall, the design space of restaurant ceiling is limited.
Production Technology
The project continues the ART DECO decorative style. Crystal droplet represents the morning dew whereas vertical copper metal represents tree trunk and branches in the middle of the space. Space color matching is based on magnificent gold and calm blue, Dazzling and luxurious orange, charming and mysterious dark purple are chosen as the finishing touches. Under the contrast of cold and warm complementary colors, the space looks relaxed.
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