Kalaki (Fine Dining Restaurant) by David Nikuradze
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
The main concept of the architecture was to combine traditional French and Italian architectural styles with authentic multicultural Georgian experience. The four major units of the building are connected by the yard Inspired by European city squares. The yard gives a feeling of French outdoor seating, with city lights and artificial sky just above it.
The concept of the restaurant surpasses the typical designation of a luxurious restaurant, but offers an unparalleled settings and meeting point where people could relax and socialize in the magical atmosphere, what temporarily takes visitors away from city reality. The entire concept of restaurant and fine dining revolves around main atrium, the heart of the project, which resembles the typical inner yard of old Tbilisi residential neighborhoods where habitants meet and socialize.
Design Challenges
Wilst our design was based on traditional Tbilisian inner yard we have always wanted to create more global and international feeling that would balance the traditional visitors experience. The project is located in the heart of old Tbilisi wherein our challenge was to create a highly modern structure that fits the environment and becomes part of the urban context.
Production Technology
The main concept of the design methodology of the project is the traditional inner yard of Tbilisi Neighborhoods that has a strong reference to Palazzo or squares in urban context. Counter plating traditional setting into indoor environment that creates very strong memorable space.
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