Kylin M (Motorized Stabilizer) by Weiling Li
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Digital and Electronic Devices Design Award Winner
As a photography enthusiast, I hope to use my usual equipment to shoot more interesting video works, but the current Stabilizer equipment on the market seems to be too heavy, not easy to carry, and not easy to shoot at low angles. This made me unable to shoot more of the works that I looked up. In combination with these problems, I wanted to design a gimbal device that is light and can meet my needs at different angles.
The Kylin M uses Snoppa advanced multi axis stabilizing system that can effectively eliminate video shake caused by movement when holding a camera, and realize smooth professional video normally only found when a slider device is used in the professional film making process. The Kylin M is designed to handle mirrorless cameras and some digital single lens reflex cameras, but can also stabilize mobile phones and action cameras as well. Simultaneously, Kylin M is the worlds first rotatable handle design which enables you to carry it with ease in addition to the standard fishing rod carry Position. Its carrying mode makes it much easier to film at different angles especially for low angle shots. You can directly control the photo shutter, focus and video recording with Snoppa special control cable option. This also makes it really easy to zoom in for big shots. Roll track mode is included in the design in addition to pan track and lock modes. It is light and portable and is primarily designed for lightweight cameras.
Design Challenges
The biggest difficulty with making the Kylin M was finding a balance between carry capacity and gimbal weight. We wanted to make a stabilizer that was not so heavy and could be conveniently used by anyone, while still able to carry powerful cameras. We choose to focus on mirrorless cameras and some lighter digital single lens reflex cameras so that amateurs could still make use of our stabilizer.
Production Technology
Kylin M uses aluminum as the main body material, so that the product can have sufficient strength and is not too heavy. The processing method is mainly processed by CNC machine tool, followed by sandblasting oxidation, which makes the product more professional and valuable. In the part of the product, we put on the foam to cushion and protect the product.
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