Serel 1901 (Freestanding Washbasin) by SEREL Design Team
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Bathroom Furniture and Sanitary Ware Design Award Winner
SEREL 1901 Freestanding Washbasin becomes attractive in terms of its sinuous form and the perfect proportions in its simplicity. Lean lines and minimalism inspirations are blended with an aesthetic that makes an indelible impression.
SEREL 1901 Freestanding Washbasin is designed to be clean with the disposal of sewage water from the floor. It allows the use of a basin mixer from the floor and the wall. It was designed with the concept of pureness puts emphasis on a fluent interior reservoir. Also, 1901 is easily cleaned due to the absence of a basin mixer sewer and the fluid reservoir form. It does not show dirt, prevents bacterial growth and delivers maximum hygiene with “SEREL Hygiene +” surface technologies. It reduces the need for using cleansers and contributes to the protection of usable water sources.
Design Challenges
Our research directed us to a new innovative form which carries marks from minimalism and modernism. All our researches showed the most aesthetic and ergonomic design for final production.
Production Technology
Serel 1901 Freestanding Washbasin made of fire clay ceramic casting raw material.
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