Long Live Brunello (Corporate Identity) by Cristian Carrara
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Graphics and Visual Communication Design Award Winner
The design of the logo was inspired by the movement made by the sommeliers to shake the glass of wine to catch its smells and aromas. After an analysis of the different logos present in the world of wine, the glass and the ruby red color of Brunello wine was chosen as the most evocative of the event in a fresh and captivating design due to the international nature of the event.
The logo was designed for an important event on aged Brunello wine in Montalcino, Italy. The identity of the brand had to evoke excellence in addition to the world of wine and a reference to a long aging process, hence the idea of developing a logo that recalled a glass of red wine in the act of shaking it to catch its scent. The wine is represented by two red ribbons coupled in a spiral that rises upwards to evoke the time spent in aging towards the excellence of a vintage Brunello wine.
Design Challenges
The challenge in designing a logo for an event on wine consists in finding an image that is unique and unedited because of the many existing logos and the specificity of the subject that requires specific colours that must evoke the essential nature of the product, the wine. Even the nature of the event, not unique but very sectorial with an international appeal, involved a specific research in the context of events reserved for aged wine, events aimed at a specific and high level audience. For these reasons the logo had to evoke the wine but also its peculiarity of being a prized wine.
Production Technology
The logo was created using computer graphics after a hand-drawing study necessary to identify the exact curvature and shape of a glass of red wine.
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