Wind Circulation (Office and Exhibition Hall) by Tacco Lee
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
Everything in the world has its unique soul from the moment of birth. During the change of the old and new times, the collision between history and innovation blood can not only be traced to the same origin, but also a sparkling moment.We delve into our minds, turning the innovative spirit of constantly striving for excellence into the new trend of the times, turning the annual rings recording the historical trajectory into the soul of space and the two interpenetrate and complement each other.
When the space is divided into different functional spaces, it is necessary to use a fulcrum to condense the various regions of the space. The giant ring model stands in the space, capturing both the eyes of the audience and the perspectives of space. Within a few rings, the streamers are free to flow, guiding the visual movement through all the display areas and presenting the core concept of the project in a conceptual way.
Design Challenges
When 'experience' becomes the core of this space, its perception of nature is multi-dimensional. Through the interpretation of different spaces, the sublimation of the project soul, the insertion of the new elements, a place with temperature will be created.The products in the display area are distributed in the surrounding area of the ring. There are not too many accessories in the area and the space is used to enlarge the sensibility of the product. At the end of the streamer, the office and leisure space for the company's own use, open style office design, the guests can feel the concept of mobile office.
Production Technology
Steel structure,Fiberglass Reinforced Gypsum,Porcelain paint,Stainless steel,Self leveling cement
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