Qixiu Academy (Hotel) by Xiao Liang
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
The design inspiration of this case originates from aoist culture. Designers simplify the traditional architectural form, making it present both modern and traditional cultural atmosphere. Around the seven self-cultivation themes of morality, diet, kungfu, calligraphy, incense, music and floriculture, we materialize the design concept into space elements in the form of soft loading and display to create a spiritual purified land for the impetuous urban people to take care of their body and mind.
Mount Longhu Qixiu Academy is a theme hotel located in the World Natural Heritage Scenic Area. The whole project is based on the healthy culture of Taoism. Designers proceed from the local humanistic characteristics and re-artistic processing on the basis of the original ecology. Through well-ordered display of utensils and simple and nostalgic Chinese furniture, shapes humanistic and elegant spiritual space while perfectly matching the brand's market positioning and business philosophy.
Design Challenges
Because of the short design cycle and large number of drawings, the cooperation between different specialties is facing great challenges. In addition, how to combine technology and art perfectly is also a big difficulty in this case.
Production Technology
The main materials in this project are marble, wooden floor tile, latex paint, metal paint, composite floor, art paint, etc.
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