Watage (Interactive Installation) by Arisa Nakayama
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Arts, Crafts and Ready-Made Design Award Winner
I developed a deep fascination with plants that stand serenely in the midst of this whirlwind of a world that changes at an incredible speed. In this project I make an inquiry into what constitutes a new form of expression that does not owe anything to fast-evolving modern technology. I believe that as we process an overwhelming amount of stimulation in our daily lives, what we truly need at this time is to cultivate a keen perception of subtle stimuli and be more attuned to them.
Arisa Nakayama's work, Watage, visualizes the faint motion of otherwise imperceptible air. Fragile and ethereal, Watage flutters at the slightest swirl of the surrounding air. And when decay takes over, it will return to the earth, to sprout again one day. Each part of Watage reacts to the subtle motion of air caused by breath or movement of passersby. This work manifests itself without technology through simple visual feedback, leading viewers to apperceive their own existence with refreshed clarity.
Design Challenges
Watage’s concept is to create an interactive experience without the use of electricity. It is worth noting that the simple experience of interacting with an inanimate object without any electric devices can produce an incredible impact on the human mind. watage goes beyond its aesthetic value of a small craft object. By visualizing the faint flow of air, this work functions as an interactive mechanism, and makes the whole space where the object is exhibited a piece of art.
Production Technology
The main material used in my work, Watage, is dandelion puff. I focus on two themes: 1. Airflow I use a small amount of glue to connect the puffs and shape the whole. When a person passes by, their movement creates a faint motion that breathes life into the work. This visualizes the motion of air otherwise unnoted. 2. Transformation When dipped into water, dandelion fluff acquires a new form and transforms further as it dries out. Throughout this process the puffs evolve into unique shapes.
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