Love Tea (Dining Space) by Jane Ao
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
Since the single-person private room is not less than 6 square feet, guests will not feel the pressure of small space.In Chinese painting, the most concerned about landscape painting is the artistic conception of the work to the viewer.In the whole design, the elements of mountains and water are interspersed in every place. The functional plan reserves a small discussion space surrounded by wooden grilles that can accommodate 8-12 people.
Each independent space is divided by landscape stones, so that two adjacent rooms are independent. Walls decorated with crepe and wooden grille are used for secondary partitioning. The transparency of the cloth makes people who are in the small space feel as if they are placed in the landscape; The dense weave effect of the selected cloth makes it impossible for the outside person to see the appearance of the person inside the private room, thereby ensuring privacy.
Design Challenges
Tea culture is a traditional Chinese culture. The project is to satisfy the function of business negotiation in addition to the continuation of Chinese tea culture. There are 8 private rooms in 200 square meters. There is also a need for a conference room for up to 8 people. There are also kitchen, staff lounge and other functional planning.
Production Technology
Wooden grille, crepe, washed stone, stone
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