Casa Ojala (Highly Flexible House) by Beatrice Bonzanigo
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Winner
It is a sustainable, minimal, compact and flexible product for a new comfort, away from tv or air conditioning. The boundary between inner and outer space no longer exists.
It is one thing with its guest. The surprise and the simplicity with which it changes, create a unique experience of a new and palpable life, a new discovery in the world of static architecture. The limited space converts into an infinite home. The architectural limits of forced views, filtered light, controlled air and untouchable canopy are broken. The home becomes a surprise, a game, a theatre, fragrances and gestures. The landscape is its facade.
Design Challenges
As it something taht doeasn't exist yet, the big challenge is to build a prototype 1:1 to study and develop the innovative manual mechanical system and a large group of under-patents required to bring this project to reality. Building the prototype is expensive: the final product will cost around 1/3 of the cost of the prototype.
Production Technology
It has more than 1,000 interior solutions working in synchrony without ever changing the original structure and shape. It develops from a manual mechanical system composed of ropes, pulleys and cranks. Wood and fabrics recall the traditions of the place where it stands, highlighting its uniqueness and aesthetic adaptability. The flexibility of the space is made possible thanks to the innovative solution of sliding walls, in WoodSkin and fabric, which are rolled up on posts placed at the edge of the circumference and in the center of the structure.
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