Snow Lion Beer (Beer) by Tiger Pan
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Packaging Design Award Winner
The client names it Snow Beer Lion in Chinese, targeting the market of bars, taverns and nightclubs, where the environment is unconstrained and convivial and people, mostly young, are inclined to be social and let loose. Therefore, the new design is asked to be made into one that conveys the feeling of nightclub-consumption. The main idea of the new design is to encourage people to make communications, to make friends and to refresh daily life.
Snow Beer is a top-ranking brewery brand in China. Through global mergers and acquisitions, and its own solid and rapid development of course, the client is now a focus of attention in Chinese alcohol market. As, even with a good quality, its previous products are mostly sold with a fair price, Snow Beer now decides to extend its high-end product line. This new product is a premium Weissbier, aka white beer.
Design Challenges
There are not many Chinese beers that have successfully been displayed in nightclub market. Therefore our design challenge for this project has put extra attention on to how do we achieve in putting a Chinese beer to stands out among other foreigner brand of beers. As well as making the packaging rich enough in both design value and usage in order to extend its to a high-end product line
Production Technology
As Lion is a brand new brand, we determined to visualize the actual lion on the beer so as to enhance the branding image. The illustration is done by 2 illustrators as we need to blend in 2 personalities in the artwork, as it is shown in the illustration, which is non-absolute symmetry.
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