Changyu Cs (Brandy) by Tiger Pan
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Packaging Design Award Winner
Changyu Cellar Storage is a series of 3 products with different volume. The main idea of the new design is the branding symbol, which is the letter “Z” as the previous packaging is believed to be lacking of it. Changyu is pronounced as “Zhangyu” in Chinese or other main domestic dialects, so the use of the “Z” is basically a solid accentuation and visualization of the brand. Compared with past packaging appearance, which is regarded as outdated and not-so-easily recognisable.
Changyu is a prestigious winery brand in China with history of over 120 years. Changyu Cellar Storage is a new series of its brandy products. We extracted a main visual element from the brand’s founder, Mr. Zhang Bishi, into an eye-catching capital letter of Z on the bottle, which stands for both the founder and the brand, uniquely featuring its insight of history.
Design Challenges
Out of the consideration of the producing cost, we chose the material of glass and cork wood, replacing the pricy acrylic sealing apparatus.
Production Technology
One thing that worth mentioning about the design is the illustration of the letter Z, in which chateau, distillation apparatus, and barrels are portrayed to tell the story of the century-old brand. The bottom of the bottle is shaped into a half-barrel so as to enhance the idea of cellar storage. The texture of the bottle is to embody the smooth flow of the brandy liquid, which, at the same time, enables a stable handle of the bottle.
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