Dream House (Island Rural Renewal) by Tianqi Guan
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Winner
This is a project for the TV program to convey a notion that makes people more aware of the relationship between environment and structures, encouraging them to care about living environment and maximize spatial delight and spirit. People often concern grand narrative-themed buildings, and usually turn a blind eye to many houses that are humble but still relevant to daily life. Moreover, we pay too much attention to how good a building looks on the outside while ignoring what lies inside.
Construction is completed in one month, lack of living and manufacturing supplies. The design focus more on how to capture multi-angled views from inside the house looking out rather than merely how the house itself looks like. The new part located on the east of the old houses, where the only available land facing the sea can be found, and it serves as a remediation of the lack of scale the old houses have to provide social gatherings. Reinforced concrete helps withstanding sea climate.
Design Challenges
70% of the houses in a village sitting on one of the Zhoushan Islands are hollow, but the stone structures, with their building material sourced from the local area, are quite solid and integrally constructed. Roofs have already partly collapsed, which can be expected when considering the technology and material conditions of the time. Two of the houses near the seaside, which have been unoccupied for 70 years and have somewhere around a four-meter difference in elevation, face the south, their gables facing the east and west, orienting them toward the sea and protecting them from typhoons.
Production Technology
Local granite; Reinforced concrete; Steel
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