Treessun Floor (Exhibition Hall) by Mu He
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
The last time that TREESSUN exhibited its products on trade show was 5 years ago. For this project, the client TREESSUN sought for unique exhibition stand design to convey its green concept and native complex. Drawing inspirations from traditional Chinese landscape painting, the designers integrated the display of wood flooring products with an experience of sightseeing tour, turned the display space into a large interactive art installation, and hence created brand new exhibition experience.
The project integrates products, space and time into a whole, and features a circulation of "going up to the hill", "sightseeing on the hill" and "going downhill". As going up, visitors can have an overall view of the wooden hill piled up by flooring products. When reaching the top, they will enter a cave, where mirrors reflect the pillars clad with flooring products and generate a forest. On the way of going downhill, there is a digital waterfall, showing the brand's accolades.
Design Challenges
There were two major challenges for this project. Firstly, it was challenging to create interaction among the exhibits, time, space, the art installation and visitors and ensure that the brand's concept and products were presented and conveyed in an interesting and effective way. Secondly, to achieve an integration of all independent elements, it required an innovative structure and logic for products display and adjustment in terms of the engineering and construction process.
Production Technology
1. The designers applied parametric design to create curved surface of the "wooden mountain", and used programs and numerical control machine to ensure accurate size and precise assembly of the wooden components that constitutes the mountain. 2. Multimedia technology was utilized to turn the wooden boards into plunging water, forming a contrast of the dynamic and static with the hill. 3. The unpainted wood floorboards of the installation can be reused after the exhibition closes.
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