Xintian 360 Plaza (Shopping Mall) by Alex Jiang
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Winner
Build with fashion pulse energy health as the theme of one-stop consumer shopping center, build strong fashionable breath theme shopping center, let the consumer a stark impact the look and feel of the goods as the props shopping center commercial activities enjoy the good service as stage, the fashion of environment as a set, make customers in retail food and beverage, entertainment as one of the fashion experience
Nanyang is the national famous historical and cultural city, has a history of founding in 3000 years, is the birthplace of Chu-Han culture in Nanyang ,is the world's largest water diversion middle route of South-To-North water transfer project Taocha canal head junction projectis and important core
Design Challenges
1. The project belongs to the commercial rectification project of China's fourth-tier cities. How to create a shopping mall fitting the consumption structure of the city, and creating a memorable shopping space . 2. How to present the appearance of a shopping mall that can be remembered under the constraints of the existing building structure.
Production Technology
The main concept of project is based on white and simple, focusing on the atmosphere of space. We choose the normal materials to satisfy the schedule and budget of the construction .. The White gypsum board is used on the ceiling, and the curved lamp socket and the white-shaped soft film lighting are simple and smooth to present the fashion and rhythm of space. The atrium side panel is designed with a curved outline. The original scheme uses GRG material and ceiling. Because of the tight construction schedule, it is changed to white aluminum plate and integrated with the escalator veneer. The floor paving design is based on white granite, with curved cutting lines fitting the ceiling lines, and the mall is vivid and bright.
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