Twin Lotus (Murals) by Thu Thuy Nguyen Thi
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Social Design Award Winner
In June 2017 Thu Thuy was awarded Bronze of IDA for the Tropical Garden Mural at Danang International Airport and in April 2018 she won Silver ADesign Award for the Hanoi Ceramic Mosaic Mirror House in Hanoi. Based on this success she decided to further public art at the new international airport in Hanoi, where it could be appreciated by millions of people each year. After careful inspection of the available space at the terminal, she selected the two outdoor facades with reflecting pools as the location for the murals. She could visualize a tranquil lotus gardens welcoming weary travelers.
In early 2018 artist Thu Thuy first proposed to the directorate of Noi Bai International airport NIA the idea of painting the two lotus murals on the 2 big walls of the east and west wings of the new modern T2 terminal. Supporting the passionate and bold idea as well as Thuys design of Vietnam national Lotus flowers, the NIA commissioned the artwork for its facades. Now, as travelers arrive at the airport terminal T2, they are confronted by 2 huge Lotus murals with vibrant colors and lively lotus flowers and leaves. The reflection of the murals on glass and water ponds are really amazing.
Design Challenges
The selection committee at Noi Bai International airport set very high standards for approving public artworks. Thu Thuy submitted detailed proposals and impressive sketches to persuade NIA to accept her ideas and designs. Manually scaling the 1,5m2 original sketch into the 360m2 mural for each wall was challenging but successful. Painting on eight story scaffolding, directly in front of the painting, made it difficult to add the correct details and shading, which is much easier when the artist can stand back and observe the entire mural.
Production Technology
To paint a mural of this size, measuring 15m high x 24m wide, required an eight story scaffolding. Nguyen Thu Thuy and ten artists from the New Hanoi Arts company carefully collaborated on their painting technique as they created flower by flower, leaf by leaf, in order to reflect a unified style. Special weatherproof Dulux paint insured the mural retained its true color for years. During November and December 2018 the painting was completed.
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