Marina Pufleanu (Branding) by Serban Iliescu
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Graphics and Visual Communication Design Award Winner
Based on Marina's aspirations, on her work and on her prospect to grow in the women fashion industry, it was obvious that the brand needed to be positioned in the premium segment. The Enhance team found inspiration in the visual identity of various important international designer brands and in various French designer boutiques. The most important inspiration point was, though, a single mid-century photography by Norman Parkinson of a model wearing a pale pink and light gray dress.
Marina Pufleanu is a young fashion designer, with a great prospect of growing in the field of fashion. The main goal of the branding process was to position the brand in the high-end segment by imprinting a look and feel adapted to the international trends in fashion. In the design process, the Enhance team understood the importance of creating a brand that can successfully communicate the particularities of the collections. Therefore, a tailored made brand was developed, unique by its femininity, its visual elements, its colors and textures and its attention to detail.
Design Challenges
Marina Pufleanu was the first branding project for a women fashion brand for Enhance. The design team fixed their standards at a very high level in order to deliver a visual identity that can compete with top international brands. And competing with these brands is a big challenge. The hardest part of the Marina Pufleanu project was to adapt the complete identity toolkit to her collection in order to subconscious communicate the particularities of her brand through the designed collaterals.
Production Technology
All of the materials were designed in-house by Enhance and produced with premium printing agencies in Romania, using exclusively recycled papers. Various production techniques were used, including embossing, golden folio and Japanese traditional silk screening. All of the processes were supervised by one of the Enhance representatives to ensure the best quality of the delivered materials.
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