50 Years (Beer Can) by Christopher Colak
2018 - 2019, Golden A' Packaging Design Award Winner
2019 is Tuborg's 50 years anniversary in Turkey. We focused on the Tuborg's brand and production values. Our core idea was the name 'fifty' which is read as 'Elli' in Turkish. And we designed a typographic can design. We inspired by the other words that contains 'elli' such as deneysellik (means experimentality), entellektuellik (means intellectuality), aktuellik (means timeliness), guncellik (means up-to-dateness). We found out more than twenty words that relate with the brand image.
The project is the Tuborg Gold's '50 Years In Turkey'. This is the first ever campaign in a typographic approach in brands' history. We created a typographic packaging concept based on keywords related to Tuborg's brand and production values. Those words including 'elli' (which means 'fifty' in Turkish) are; Experimentality, Intellectuality, Timeliness, Up-to-dateness. Two final can designs were made; 'Profesyonellik' meaning 'Professionalism' and 'Guncellik' meaning 'Actualism'. We used the other words in the background of the can.
Design Challenges
Since 2013, there has been some regulations and prohibitions in Alcohol Marketing. That's why Tuborg Brand communicates under 'dark market' regulations. The limitations are well defined. We had to be very careful while creating communication campaigns. That is why, we wanted to focus on brand values and tried to introduce the campaign in a definitive way.
Production Technology
50 cl Beer Can, Metal
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